Palacký University Olomouc, Faculty of Health Science 

How to apply to Palacký University Faculty Health Sciences ?

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The Faculty of Health Sciences offers a highly respected and in-demand program in Physiotherapy. Graduates from the bachelor's program are qualified to work as physiotherapists and provide rehabilitation and healthcare services.

This faculty offers various fields in the field of health care, such as health informatics, public health, physiotherapy, emergency care, medical laboratory, social work in health care and others. Students at this faculty focus on gaining professional knowledge and practical skills in health care, not only in clinical settings, but also in disease prevention and providing support in the health care system. The Faculty of Health Sciences at Palacký University in Olomouc focuses on a modern approach to health care education and provides students with the skills and knowledge needed for effective and quality health care delivery.

Olomouc, often referred to as the Czech Oxford, is known for its rich academic heritage and excellent educational institutions. The Palacký University in Olomouc shines as a beacon of learning and innovation, particularly noted for its long-standing tradition in the field of medicine. The city offers students an intellectual atmosphere and opportunities to engage in a vibrant student life, with numerous student organizations and activities. Due to its compact size, Olomouc facilitates movement by bike or on foot, contributing to pleasant transportation and exploration of various areas of interest beyond academics.



  • NO entrance exam
  • TUITION FEE PER YEAR                                198 000 CZK /8000 EUR
  • ADMISSION DOCUMENTS                          Application form                                    High school graduation certificate, proof of English language competence, minimum level B1 according to CEFR.


The goal of this program is to equip graduates with the skills and knowledge to become physiotherapists with a unique emphasis on health and sports. These professionals play a crucial role in healthcare and sports, promoting the integration of theory and practice. Graduates of this program possess the theoretical foundation and practical abilities required for lifelong learning within their specialized field, making them well-prepared for further academic pursuits.

Our university provides students with exceptional theoretical knowledge and practical skills, emphasizing not only the preparation of future physiotherapists but also the development of professionals who will contribute to the advancement of physiotherapy. They are well-prepared to work in healthcare settings and sports, and can also pursue academic and research careers in the field.