Entrance exam for U.S./CANADA  (Toronto)

  • June 15 – 16, 2024 for First and Second Faculty of Medicine 

Online exam

  • May 25, 2024 for Masaryk University. 

Both faculties are Accredited under the US Federal Loans Scheme and qualify for the GI Bill

!Admission is still open! 

Stepping into history and shaping the future 🍁✨ 

During a meeting in Ottawa, between ice-Dean of the First Faculty of Charles University in Canada with CZuni.com and Dr. Mark Walker, Vice-Dean Internationalization and Global Health of the Ottawa University, was an agreement negotiated between the First faculty of Medicine and the Ottawa Uni/Hospital which will allow 

Canadian students studying in the Czech Rep. to do their clinical rotations in their facilities. Which means, open door for residency either in Canada or U.S.

Do you know that the USMLE passing score of the First faculty of Medicine (Charles University) graduates is (2021 – 100%, 2022 – 94%, 2023 – 96%) is higher than Harvard Medicine graduates 93% and Ottawa Uni Medicine 82%? Accreditaion in ALL 50 states (incl. California&NY). US Federal Loans Scheme and Qualified GI bill. Read more...

UNIVERSITY DAY in Palma de Mallorca🎓✨ 

CZUNI was there, front and center, showcasing our exceptional services to a crowd that was nothing short of amazing! 🌟

From enlightening conversations to the palpable excitement in the air, it was a day that truly encapsulated the spirit of exploration and discovery. 🚀

To everyone who stopped by our booth, shared a laugh, asked a question, or simply said hello - THANK YOU! Your energy and enthusiasm were the real highlights of our day. 🙏💕