• Teaching facilities are located in the centre of Prague, near Charles´ square, the magnificent historical centre
  • The majority of the clinical instruction takes place at the General University Hospital in Prague
  • Other teaching hospitals include the Military University Hospital in Prague, Thomayer Teaching Hospital, Bulovka Hospital and Motol University Hospital
  • Rich social, multicultural and sporting life for students
  • UNESCO city

  • PROGRAMS: general medicine/dentistry 
  • The First Faculty of Medicine reigns among the most prestigious and recognized Medical Schools worldwide. Charles University graduates have unique advantages.             

  • Faculty of Medicine in Plzeň has organised medical degree study programmes since 1992.

  • The Faculty of Physical Education and Sport (FTVS) in Prague is a prestigious educational institution focusing on sports sciences and the preparation of professionals in the field of physical education and sports. 

  • The Second Faculty of Medicine provides students with a six-year full-time course of General Medicine and students spend most of their practical training at Motol University Hospital.

  • The concept of the study programme corresponds with the contemporary state and standard of pharmaceutical science.

  • The Faculty of Mathematics and Physics stands out for its cutting-edge research and a wide spectrum of academic programs in the fields of mathematics and physics.                                                  

  • The Third Faculty of Medicine  at the Charles University, are close to prestigious hospitals where students spent most of their practical training.

  • The clinical instruction takes place in the Faculty Hospital - a complex of 37 clinics and departments with 1500 beds and a staff of 4000 doctors and nurses

What is the difference between 1st, 2nd, and 3rd medical faculty?

In 1953, the Faculty of Medicine in Prague was divided into three separate faculties: the Faculty of General Medicine, the Faculty of Pediatrics and the Faculty of Hygiene. The latter was transformed into the current Third medical faculty in 1990.

Nowadays, Third Faculty of Medicine has a curriculum in the first two years based on the study of the cell and is more practically oriented, while other faculties in the Czech Republic (ie including the First and Second Faculty of Medicine) have a curriculum based on the study of traditional subjects such as anatomy.



  • Rich social, cultural and sporting life - water polo, basketball, volleyball, archery, canoeing
  • A friendly and safe town, situated in a gentle landscape at the foot of the Jeseniky mountains
  • Rich day-and-night student life - student clubs, cafes, pubs, restaurants

  • PROGRAMS: general medicine/dentistry/physiotherapy

All teaching takes place in one location. The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry is situated on the same campus as the university hospital, creating an ideal environment for our students. Our Master's studies comprise a six-year program in General Medicine and a five-year program in Dentistry.

The Faculty of Health Sciences offers a highly respected and in-demand program in Physiotherapy. It's available in both undergraduate and follow-up master's degrees in a full-time format. Graduates from the bachelor's program are qualified to work as physiotherapists and provide rehabilitation and healthcare services.



  • Top research teams of Masaryk University can be found at the University Campus Bohunice or the Ceitec Institute
  • Innovative with International Student Club (ISC) at Masaryk University
  • The university has its own cinema, the University Cinema Scala
  • Full of action - concerts, theatre performances and sporting events, local ice-hockey club
  • A pleasant café and pub environment in Brno

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry has relocated to a new, splendid campus, making it one of the most modern and student-friendly medical faculties in Europe. We ensure the correct implementation of the credit system in all Bachelor's and Master's degree programs, providing a top-notch educational experience.