Charles University Second Faculty of Medicine in Prague 

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Motol University Hospital is the clinical base of the Second Faculty of Medicine and one of the largest and most developed hospitals in Central Europe. 

The Second Faculty of Medicine of Charles University, often referred to as the 2nd Faculty of Medicine, is one of the prestigious medical faculties in the Czech Republic and is located in the capital city of Prague. With a long history and tradition, the faculty is renowned for its excellent quality in medical education and research. In addition to outstanding teaching, the Second Faculty of Medicine also hosts active research programs contributing to the advancement of medical knowledge and innovations in healthcare. The faculty collaborates with leading medical institutions and hospitals in the Czech Republic, allowing students to gain practical experience in real healthcare environments.



  • MASTER DEGREE Doctor of General Medicine (MUDr.)  - 6 year program 
  • APPLICATION DEADLINE                             30.4.2024

             460 000 CZK / 18 670 EUR  


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The Second Faculty of Medicine is a preferred choice for students due to its strong focus on both research and high-quality teaching. This commitment is reflected in our tradition of unity among faculty, students, and administrative staff, providing a unique and enriching academic experience.

Our curriculum is structured into two primary phases:

Theoretical and Preclinical Teaching (first to third year)                        This phase emphasizes foundational knowledge and practical skills in human biology and disease processes, covering subjects such as Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Microbiology, and Immunology. Students also gain essential competencies in nursing procedures, basic medical interventions, professional patient communication, and bioethics.

Clinical Teaching (fourth to sixth year):                                                         In this phase, students engage in block-schedule teaching, focusing on clinical practice. They undergo internships in various clinical and diagnostic disciplines, emphasizing clinical scenarios, specific patient cases, and team-based learning. Modern simulation medicine techniques are integrated, allowing early specialization. Graduation involves Advanced Master's state examinations in Public Health, Internal Medicine, Surgery, and Pediatrics.

As graduates, students earn the title of 'Doctor of General Medicine' ('MUDr.' or MD), recognized both in the EU and the United States, providing a solid foundation for a successful medical career.